Axel Lokrantz Månson is an Art Director working at KING advertising agency in Stockholm Sweden. He graduated from the Visual Communication Programme at Beckmans College of Design in 2016.

Selected internships include Grey (NYC) & M&C Saatchi (STHLM).


Background – Freedom of speech is increasingly under threat around the world. On the second of December 2016 Sweden celebrated 250 years of free speech.

The Campaign – To promote the importance of free speech we released an online film where we silenced some of the worlds most influential speakers.

★ Webbys 2017 – Winner, Peoples Voice
★ Epica  – Gold, Online Campaigns
★ Cannes Lions  – Shortlist, PR
★ One Show  – Merit award, Film
★ One Show  – Merit Award, Branded Social Post
★ LIA – Bronze, Social Media
★ LIA – Bronze, Public Service
★ LIA – Shortlist x2
★ Eurobest  – Shortlist x3
★ Clio – Shortlist, PR

Problem – The NGO The Baltic Sea Foundation Sustainable Seas is working for a healthier Baltic Sea which every year is affected by massive algae bloom. If nothing is done the whole ocean could die. Yet the issue isn’t prioritized by the politicians.

Solution – We filled a billboard with water from the Baltic Sea and placed it in front of the Swedish parliament. Just like in the Baltic Sea, algae started to bloom. During the course of eleven days the public could witness the transformation inside the billboard.

★ Epica Awards 2017 – Silver, Public Interest Enviroment

Site can be found here

Print ad for Norwegian Airlines, one of Europes largest low-cost carriers. In collaboration with Mickel Jiunntzer Yu during our internship at M&C Saatchi.

The interactive ad is a separate project I did on my own after our internship had ended.

★ LIA Awards 2015 – Silver, Poster
★ LIA Awards – Silver, Print
★ Cresta Awards – Silver, Print
★ Epica Awards – Silver, Print
★ New York Festivals – Bronze, Print
★ Swedish Design Awards – Finalist, Print

Brief (One Show) – Make visiting the LEGO Store an exciting, engaging and playful shopping experience by bringing the LEGO brand promise of “playful learning” to life inside the LEGO Stores.

Solution – The Lego generator is an in store machine that sorts and repackages your old LEGO collection into new sets. Together with the already implemented pick-a-brick section The Lego Generator helps Lego keep up with the demand for new sets, bring people to the Lego Store, spark new creative ideas and show the infinite possibilities of your Lego collection.

★ Future Lions 2016 – Gold
★ One Show Young Ones – Bronze, Experimential Design & Promotion
★ One Show Young Ones – Merit Award, In Store Open Category

Featured in Resume, Dagens MediaCAP & Design, Ad Age, and Fast Company.

Problem – The majority of cold sore sufferers have lower self-esteem when a cold sore strikes, negatively impacting how they live their daily life.

Solution – Incognito is an anti-social app by the pharmaceutical manufacturer Zovirax that tracks the foot traffic of various places that we visit on a daily basis. The app uses reverse check-in data from users social media accounts, which allows the user to access different locations during the quieter times.

In collaboration with Matt Mackenzie during our internship at GREY NYC.

Triss is Sweden's most popular scratch-off card. With the concept “Suddenly, it happens”, we wanted to show how scratching a Triss scratch off card can change everything.

★ Guldägget – Gold, Outdoor
★ Guldägget – Silver, Print
★ Epica Awards – Silver, Print
★ Cresta Awards – Bronze, Print
★ New York Festivals – Bronze, Outdoor
★ New York Festivals – Bronze, Print